Howie Mandel Opens up About Mental Health Struggles

On a episode of “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” Howie Mandel, the beloved comedian and television personality, made a brave and honest confession about his struggles with mental illness. Despite his celebrity status, Mandel revealed that fame has had a negative impact on his mental health, rather than a positive one.

While Mandel may appear cheerful on the outside, he explained that when he’s at home, especially alone, it’s a different story. He admitted, “I’m heavily medicated,” leaving Kelly Clarkson shocked and unable to fully comprehend someone making derogatory remarks about her.

This is not the first time a public figure has spoken out about mental health. Howard Stern, radio host and judge on “America’s Got Talent,” has also battled anxiety and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) since his childhood. As a young boy who struggled to make friends, Stern was labeled as “strange.” Today, he believes that his unique personality contributes to his success, but he admits that every day is a struggle.

Mandel, like Stern, experiences deep sadness and a sense of being trapped in a nightmare, despite having a loving family and a fulfilling career. He often finds himself overwhelmed with worry, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thoughts like “We could die” constantly plague his mind. While the safety of those around him brings some comfort, the state of the world as a whole adds to his mental anguish.

For many years, Mandel hid his mental illness from the public, fearing that if his instability were discovered, it would hinder his ability to find employment. His primary concern was letting his family down, but he later realized that revealing his struggles might also put his career at risk.

Despite the challenges he faces, Mandel continues to battle severe depression. He uses comedy as a coping mechanism, claiming that it has saved him. Mandel feels most at ease when he’s performing, using laughter as a shield from his disability.

Mandel’s decision to come forward about his mental health struggles is driven by a desire to end the stigma surrounding these issues. He acknowledges that it won’t be an easy journey, but he remains optimistic. Even in the midst of darkness, Mandel believes that there are moments of light and joy to be treasured.

While some may find Mandel’s battles with mental illness amusing, it’s important to understand the severity of his struggle. He is determined to break down the walls of stigma and change perceptions of mental health. Mandel knows that it won’t be a straightforward path, but he is committed to keeping the conversation going and making a difference.

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